That Weekend We Almost Went Ice Skating

Since my new found freedom every Saturday is limited to office hours (I still have a class 5pm onwards), my workmates and I planned on going ice skating in SM Megamall at 10am before everyone else crowds up the rink (so smart 😉)


Buuuuut Filipino time kicked in 😒 and by the time we were complete it was already noon and we were famished. So we just went on to eat lunch at KyoChon.

We ordered Soonsal Salad (not a very big fan of orange dressing, sorry), Chicken wings: Honey Series (this one I like 😄) and Red Series (tooooooo spicy 😫), and Potato Wedge.


Forgot to take a photo of the chicken

We also ordered Hotteok which is… How can I put this… Interesting. It’s a dessert, and according to Wikipedia it’s a variety of filled Korean pancake. We had different opinions about it. I liked it but I’m not entirely sure hahaha 😂.


Overall it was really fun mostly because I was in good company with these girls 👸 It was just a little sad that we didn’t get to do the original plan which was ice skating, but hey there are still plenty of other chances to unleash our inner Ice Queen 😄 *adding this to my list of things to look forward to*


Left to Right: Jireh, Elisa, Jevalene, Jazz, Gem


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